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Patchouli & Orange

  • A Palm oil free soap that is 100% natural. A carefully selected blend of Coconut and Olive oils will clean your skin very effectively while still leaving it moisturised and soft. There are no fragrances, artificial colours or chemicals.
  • Aqua, Sodium cocoate, Sodium olivate, iron oxide for colour and Sweet Orange and Patchouli essential oils for aroma. 
  • Crafted using a unique process that creates a harder, longer lasting bar. This specialised technique helps lock the essential oils into every bar and the aroma lasts to the final sliver of soap.

Customer Reviews

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Exceptional Natural Soaps for Sensitive Skin

As a regular user of Elemental Skin Care's handmade soaps, I am continuously impressed by their exceptional quality and effectiveness - thanks Jasper. One of the standout features is how moisturising these soaps are, making them a fantastic choice for anyone with sensitive skin.

The variety of scents is remarkable – each is distinct and pleasantly aromatic, enhancing the overall bathing experience. For those looking to exfoliate, these soaps gently but effectively slough away dead skin cells, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Ordering online is a breeze, and the lovely texture of each bar, which feels hand-cut and natural, adds to the charm. I particularly appreciate the reduced packaging, which demonstrates Elemental Skin Care's commitment to environmental sustainability and makes the soaps more accessible.

Customer service is another area where Elemental excels. Each interaction has been marked by friendliness and efficiency, making the experience pleasant.

In terms of value for money, these soaps are a fantastic investment. The quality far exceeds the price, making them an affordable luxury I look forward to using daily.
I highly recommend Elemental Skin Care's handmade soaps to anyone who values quality, natural ingredients, and effective skincare. Whether you're seeking a soap that's gentle on sensitive skin or simply looking for a variety of delightful scents and textures.