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Thought I was reviewing the Basil & Black Pepper soap, not the whole lot! So yeah, Basil & Black Pepper is liquoricey. 4/5
The other one I bought was the Honey Myrtle. Smells amazing, and palm oil free is a big tick from me as well. That one gets 5/5

Thanks for the review Xav. A friend of mine was telling me that her sister passed out after eating too much Licorice. Cheers Jasper
Liquorice Lather

Picked this up on a recent trip to Albany, and I love it! May not be for everyone, as the smell is very reminiscent of anise. For those that love liquorice, this is an absolute winner.

5 star

Excellent product

5 star

Harmony Rose Hip Face Cream

My Saving Grace from

As I have mentioned before, I have been using the Nuture Rose Hip face cream, for many years and I love it. As I put it on my face, it just seems to relax me, my skin absorbs it so easily and it makes it feel refreshed, and no overpowering smells which I cannot stand, it is natural and organic another big plus. Another plus is that is lasts so long, you don't have to use much, it covers so easily, a little goes along way. Very good value for money, which you don't get in facial products in the big store, a big thank you to Elemental.


A vital tool for ongoing hand and body skin healing. Use it most days and it works its magic. Not had any bad reactions and love it.

Green Tea Cleansing Milk

I've tried so many cleansers, I just counted the number of half empty or nearly full bottles and jars of cleansers I currently have and they number 11. (And I threw out or gave away another 4 or 5 a few weeks ago). The only one that is empty is this one. I've even tried one of those battery-operated face scrubbers that left my skin looking like a weather-beaten middle-aged sheep-herder who's gone hatless since they were born and has never spent a day in-doors! I actually thought about botox after that but funnily enough no-one does natural organic botox in my area!
Some cleansers strip so much moisture from your skin that it looks and feels like you've spent all day whizzing around on your skis only to get back to your chalet and realise the reason why people were looking at you was not because of your amazing skiing style but because you hadn't put sunscreen on your face which was red raw from wind burn and you looked like Rudolphs ignorant Australian cousin! I've also had the other extreme where after cleansing you feel like you need to use one of those battery-operated scrubbers to get your face clean and so you end up looking like a sheep-herder again. This Green tea cleanser definitely cleans but leaves my skin still feeling pliable so that when I finish smiling my smile-lines almost disappear again instead of looking like they've set there on my face like a paper mache mask!
I'll definitely be ordering again (:

Elemental Nurture Face Cream

I'll definitely be purchasing more of this face cream, I don't often get to the bottom of the jar with skin products as I usually find something "not-to-like" and end up either giving away or binning. Not with this face cream, I just ran my finger around my empty jar, a state it's been in for a few weeks now, in the hope I missed a dob of cream but alas, it's still empty! At least keeping the jar eventually reminded me to order some more (:
My likes:
1. The smell (: a lot of organic creams can't seem to get the smell right but this is lovely.
2. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial this actually makes my skin glow - when I make the effort and actually cleanse and moisturise morning and night for a few days instead of falling into bed without doing this ):
3. It soaks in and doesn't leave you looking like you've rubbed half a jar of Vaseline onto your face after applying, as a few other organic face creams I've tried do, which is fine if it's a Night Cream but not such a good look for day-time!
4. Non-irritating and doesn't flare up my redness or dermatitis plus it's home-grown in West Aus which is a huge bonus.
1. It doesn't come in a bottomless jar.
2. My partner steals it and uses it on his man-skin as he likes it a lot better than his man-face-cream I bought him from Coles ): perhaps I'd better buy him some lol
Wow I've written a novel, I better keep my review of the lovely Green Tea Cleansing Milk brief or I'll be banned from posting reviews (:

Collette from Queensland

Elemental products are amazing! I found them while visiting Amy, a fabulous beauty therapist in Perth and she introduced me to these products by way of a gorgeous facial! I have sensitive skin and after my facial I had no redness at all and my skin felt so amazing! I started with nurture face cream and am now using 3 of Elementals products including precious face serum. Highly recommend these products!!

Another great product

I have only been using this for a short period and already I can see a difference in my irritated skin, particularly in my ears where I have excema, I will also give my granddaughtyer some as she has on going excema problems. Thanks guys. Cheers Shirley

Green tea cleansing milk

Great for my very sensitive skin - love it

Precious Face Serum is truly precious!

This product is divine! After many years in the sun in Western Australia bringing up a very active little boy, my skin has been showing signs of sun-damage, even though I have moved to Melbourne. I apply Elemental Precious Face Serum at night and know that while I sleep my skin is being exquisitely nurtured by the delicious organic ingredients contained therein. Good to know this quality product made Down Under is available right here on our doorsteps!

Elemental Nurture Face Cream

I absolutely love this product! After many years in the sun in Western Australia bringing up a very active little boy, my skin has been showing signs of sun-damage, even though I have moved to Melbourne. Elemental Nurture Face Cream is a light yet nutritious cream chock full of natural ingredients so beneficial for my skin. It smells good enough to eat! I support local Australian products and I am ecstatic to know this superior quality is available here on our doorsteps!

Nurture Face Cream

Love this face cream, gentle and nourishing, perfect for my very sensitive skin. Thank you.

Nurture face cream

I am a+ year old mum two energetic young boys which leaves me little time to pamper myself. Nurture face cream is a treat and a way of life. A little something to make me feel and look good. I love this product and recommend it to everyone. Being an organic product is the icing on the cake.

Toning Mist - Dry Sensitive Skin

I just love this toner. It is so gentle and hydrates my sensitive skin without any irritation. I also use it on hot summer days to refresh my face & neck.

Mrs Shirley Watson

I love this hand cream because it rubs in easily and doesn't have a greasy feel about it, although it is rich and leaves your skin feeling great, it doesn't possess a terrible strong aroma, which I believe means that more of the wrong things are put in it to sell the product by smell alone, and lastly a small amount goes a long way.


Great find, great way to exfoliate my very sensitive skin in an effective but most importantly gentle way.

My favourite face cream.

I have been using this cream for years and trully love it, I look forward to using it, love the consistency and how easily it is absorbed into your skin and it lasts so long as you don't have to use much to get good results.

Excellent oil

We used it on sunburnt arms and a neck, straight away it felt soothed. It did not peel.

Fantastic product

I used this product with my first one and I have no single stretch marks. Absolutely love it and I am getting five more for my current pregnancy. Totally worth using it.

great products, love the range!

great products, love the range!

Green tea cleansing milk

I have sensitive skin and often find some cleansers irritate but this product is so gentle. I have been using the Elemental toners,moisturisers and serum for several years and love them all. Beautiful products

Harmony Face Cream - luscious

I love the feel of all of my elemental products, and this is no different. Beautiful cream and smells good enough to eat.


This is my fave eye cream. It's like putting silk on your eyes and noticeably reduces fine lines. Yay!!

Fabulous find, it really helps

Fabulous find, it really helps balance my skin and slough away the dead skin without irritating my very sensitive skin.


Easy to use and real must have. I have used for several years, no allergy issues and a definite improvement in skin health and feel


Both my sister and I have been using the Green Tea cleansing milk for about 3 years and we highly recommend it. It's so gentle on the skin, but yet still able to remove makeup if you use a cotton wipe with it. Love that we are using both a certified organic and Australian product.

Calebdula Skin Balm

I have used this product for many years. It keeps my skin very supple as far as I am concerned its anti ageing

Very different!

This body butter has a lovely unusual makes the skin feel soft and beautiful. As with all elemental products its high quality skin care :)


I love this product it is so gentle and kind. It also smells devine!


Part of the daily cleanse, tone and moisturise. Also great to refresh skin when travelling. Another non irritating feel good product

Clarity face cream

I have been buying this cream for a few years now and I can say I have no need to buy or switch to another product, I love this cream on my skin. Thank you


I recently got married and wanted my skin tip top! I bought the green tea cleanser, Jojoba Exfoliating Polish, Harmony Face cream and Precious Face serum. My skin has never looked so good. The service at Elemental is AMAZING.......thank you again to Jasper and his team :)

I love the revive foot

I love the revive foot lotion and the hand cream, they are so great to use, easily absorbed and the the pump is fantastic. I am not a lover of strong smelling
products, but these are beautiful and you know they are made with tender loving care and wonderful products. Thanks again Cheers Shirley

Love the elemental range. I've

Love the elemental range. I've been a beauty therapist for 9 years and was so glad to come across this range 5 years ago. Il never use anything else.

Great face feel

Does not sting , no rash issues. Great feel for the post shave routine. Have used for several years and enjoy how good my skin feels and looks

Fab cleansing milk

This cleansing is so gentle to skin.

Coconut Baby Body Butter

Love it! We have used it as a bottom balm since our daughter was born. She is four now. It has kept her skin in pristine condition. We always try it for other skin blemishes or rashes and it either helps or heals the problems. We purchased it because it was certified organic and continue to use it because it works and agrees with our daughter's skin.

Excellent product

I have been using this product foe several years and it is outstanding - little bit goes a long way

Skin Balm-After Sun

Great product Nice simple functional packaging. Great after sun moisturiser - great value as a little goes a long way

Good value

No adverse reactions ,leaves skin feeling fresh. Have used for several years and would not go without.

Luxury Body Lotion

I love using my Luxury Body Lotion especially for it smooth, non greasy application with the resulting softness of my skin .The delicate perfume adds to the pleasure . Kath Trendall


This is like a magic potion......your skin absolutely loves it and radiates health after application. I love it......thank you to Jasper and his team :)


There are so many hand creams available but this is one of the nicest organic ones I've come across - just beautiful.

The most luxurious eye cream ever

I love this eye cream it's like putting silk onto your skin - just beautiful. The delicate scent and the effects make it one of the nicest eye creams I've ever come across.

Great results !

My son has been passing through those dreaded teenage years of hormones and acne and was despondent with the appearance of his skin. After consulting Jasper at Elemental he advised we try the Green Tea Cleanser Jojoba Exfoliating Polish and Clarity Face Cream to finish the cleansing and moisturising routine. The difference it has made has been truly remarkable with clean clear hydrated skin resulting. No parent wants their child to use harsh chemicals on their skin. Now you don't have to and you can trust that these products will be nurturing and restorative. Many many thanks......

Just gorgeous for any skin type!

You know how tired your skin feels after a day in the air-conditioned office or out in the son or the effect of grimy pollution. This beautiful Jojoba Exfoliating Polish is perfect to lift off dirt oil dead skin cells to reveal beautiful healthy skin that has been nurtured at the same time as being cleansed. This product looks and smells terrific. Anyone can use it - young or old - on dry sensitive or oily skin it is just perfect.

Green Tea Cleansing Milk

I have dry sensitive skin and have used this fantastic cleanser for over 12 months. It is the only product I have used that leaves my skin fresh and clean without feeling dry and irritated. I love that it is a natural product. I also use the Toner Moisturiser and Serum from the Elemental range and LOVE these products too.

I love it

I have eczema and dry skin and need to be very careful what skin products I use. Nurture leaves my skin feeling fresh and well hydrated - it absorbs so well without a trace of irritation. For the past four years I have used Nurture morning and night. I have really noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin. I definitely recommend it to people with problematic skin.

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