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Elemental has two specialised natural products that have proven performance for a wide range of skin types and they offer the best and simplest skin care - for two completely different reasons.

Calendula Skin Care Balm.  A traditional recipe that has been used for over a thousand years.  It uses the power of plant biochemistry (from the petals of Calendula flowers) to enhance the biochemistry of skin.  There are many different compounds in Calendula flowers that work together to deliver a range of benefits for human skin.  After a thousand years of use it would be reasonable to think it would be an everyday item in every household - but its not.  We have been making this product for 25 years - in the same way with the same ingredients. And every week we talk to people who are not familiar with it's benefits or haven't tried it.  We have a 15g lip balm size tin that is a great place to start.

Pure Hyaluronic acid is at the opposite end of the spectrum.  Although Hyaluronic acid (Pronounced as - higher-loo-ronic) occurs naturally in human skin it is only fairly recently that advances in biotechnology have enabled the cost-effective production of high quality Hyaluronic acid that meets tight specifications for quality and molecular weight.  Apply this serum and the molecules will penetrate the skin and then hold onto water - lots of water.  It is completely different from the complex biochemistry of the Calendula flowers.  It is a simple molecule that does one thing - hydrate skin - and does it very, very well.